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Remember the Titans: The Cases of Pacman Jones and Ben Roethlisberger

By David Xaviel is the Hobby Horse On July - 26 - 2009

Call me campy or sentimental or whatever you need to say in order to denigrate what I have to say, with generalizations about why you think you're strong-minded and I'm weak minded.

Because if you do, I don't care what you think. 

Obviously, I'm referring to an abstract stereotype of potential criticism of my views.  So, you shouldn't take it personally, unless you consciously and actively act that way.

The bottom line is however that racism still permeates our society, and if you think the election of Barack Obama has made it better—in the case of some people, it has made it worse.

In the past, I had been tolerant of hack jokes because I believed that the joke did not reflect who that person truly is, and that hack jokes were tantamount to smelling your own farts. 

Nowadays though, it seems like those same people have all left the reservation, and are willing to spin the most ridiculous crap I've ever heard.

There are people now, who see themselves as the "victim" of a black president who they think lacks legitimacy.  People like Glenn Beck and Lou Dobbs will sell that garbage all day for ratings.

On one...

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