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My fantasy football draft is tonight, a trip to visit family in san francisco is tomorrow, senior year of college starts next week, and so on and so forth until the end of time. Damn, my life is starting to pick up speed. And that life, in many ways, has been marked by summer sports memories. Backyard catches with my dad, trying out for the travel soccer team, hours and hours of tackle football in my friend's basement. Watching Vince Carter's game seven three rim out against the sixers when I was thirteen, riding my bike to the card shop to buy plastic coats for my Topps 1988 ken griffey rookie card, endless summer days spent shooting hoops, tossing around a football, drinking gatorade, waking up at 5am for pre-season practices, playing manhunt until september rolled around and the real world started up again. And this september will be my last september that carries the same connotation. I guess i'm just worried that as these childhood memories fade, and are replaced by the daily grind of the nine to five, sports will become a nominal part of my life. That would be a shame, and I'm hoping it never comes to that, where i'm relegated to the sidelines, forced to played armch...

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