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Absolutely incredible. Great moments are set up by great drama, and you could not have asked for more with the U.S. national soccer team in Wednesday's FIFA World Cup game against Algeria. They had been robbed of a game winner against Slovenia. They had to win to get in. They had so many opportunities in the middle of the game that didn't happen. At the same time, they knew England was up on Slovenia, so there would be no advancing without a goal. That's what was in front of them. Then you add in the bigger picture of what it would mean for U.S. soccer and the future of the sport in the country. What it would mean to the team. They went into extra time knowing this could be the last four minutes this team ever played together. Four years of work was about to be washed away. Then in one magical moment, the play developed, the ball went in, and the U.S. went from bad-luck losers to first place in their group, moving on to the knockout stage. The goal was scored by the biggest U.S. star in the sport, Landon Donovan. It was just perfect, a moment to savor for all time. But just where does Donovan's goal stand in the history of epic game winners?

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