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Bipolar disorder is a physical disease of the brain affecting the thoughts, feelings, perception, and behavior of the afflicted.

The name "bipolar" stems from the nature of the illness.  The moods of a person suffering from bipolar disorder typically range from euphoria to despondence, at times random, or at times triggered by an action or event.

This oscillation between extreme mood states, commonly called “mood swings,” is indeed abnormal and can be dangerous to the life of a person with bipolar disorder.

Bipolars are, at the least, annoying to those close to the them.  The mood swings influence the person’s inability to live in the real world and make wise real world decisions.

I am among the 2.6 percent of the adult population in the United States diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

God help those who are bipolar but haven't been diagnosed.


June, July, and August are always scorchers in the coalfields of West Virginia.  The mountains hold the heat and humidity at night, releasing them mid-morning like ...

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