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Sports like any other field encounters problems. Problems related to specific players, problems related to finances of a certain team or board or the sport in general, problems related to dynamic changes in it's structure, problems related to to dying popularity of the sport all come under this.

And when problems/issues (In this article I think the two terms are interchangeable) come, "experts" follow. We see talking heads on the television and we see thousands of articles about it on the Internet.

It is predominantly the reason why sites like Bleacher Report form.

These sites become areas where people debate about the problem.They keep on debating about it.

Is it a technical problem or a mental problem? Is it a serious problem or is it something that will take care of itself with time? Is it something that I am in favour of or is it something that would actually make me hate sport? These are the questions that plague our minds.

I personally love such debates. I often try to be a part of them. I love to see myself convincing the other person. I hate to admit the loopholes in my theories about these issues.

So I can conclude that all ...

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