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Sports Filmography: The Top 10 Female Badasses

By Laura Falcon On July - 27 - 2010
Let's face facts. It's a man's world. Slide a sports DVD into your TV and nine times out of 10 the main characters are guys trying to fight their way to success and glory. Many women have tried to make names for themselves, but its surely not an easy feat, especially within traditionally male-dominated sports. Yet, there are some women who have been able to succeed and stand on their own as heroes. This slideshow is dedicated to the films in which a woman entered a man's world and were totally awesome in their dominance of the sport. You'll see women succeeding in a variety of different sports and their respective levels of badassness achieved. Some of these sports are simply more difficult than others, but difficulty alone can be overlooked because these female character was just plain fun to watch. In no particular order, here are 10 awesome female badasses in sports films.

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