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Sports Have Become a Necessity of Life

By Sudip Zix On March - 29 - 2010

The other day, I was reading the chapter on intelligence in my psychology textbook.

The section was about what can and can't be considered different types of intelligences. One sentence that really caught my eye read "the abilities that we can manage without, as in...athletics, are better considered talents than intelligences."

Now, I guess you could say that athletics is probably a talent and not an intelligence, but that's not the part of the sentence I want to dwell on now. 

What I would like to dwell on now is the question: Can we really manage without athletics, or sports in general?

Two hundred years ago, the only sports were probably things like archery and foot racing (I know there were more, but not many), and these sports were barely competitive. The rich, who had time on their hands, or the common folk during their few times of recreation, were the only ones participating in these sports.

During these times, people could live without sports. Even in the 20th century, sports were not the greatest obsession or passion. But nowadays, they have become a necessity.

I think this is the case because the high level of efficiency...

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