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Forbes has released their list of the most miserable sports cities. Some may take a list such as theirs to heart, but I do not.

It has nothing to do with the fact that it comes from Forbes, but rather the fact that they consider too many factors while coming up with their choices.

Real fans care about two things: Success and progress.

Forbes focuses on a "sports heartbreak index" that identifies the city in which fans had teams good enough to give them hope, only to ultimately let them down.

Here is their overall top 10, and while I may not agree with all of their selections, you may just see a few of these cities on my list as well:

1. Seattle
2. Atlanta
3. Phoenix
4. Buffalo
5. San Diego
6. Houston
7. Kansas City
8. Cleveland
9. Denver
10. Cincinnati

In order to qualify for my list, a city has to have a minimum of three professional franchises in or around their city. If you only have one or two pro teams to let you down, then you don't know true heartache.


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