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One of the most interesting things about the Super Bowl is the wide number of exotic prop bets that bookmakers will come up with in order to bring all sorts of action in on the game.

These range from relatively standard things—such as who will score the first touchdown—to the bizarre, where you can wager on an over/under for how long the national anthem will go on and if the singer will wear a headset or use a hand-held microphone.

Right now, the prop bets are limited as the different oddsmakers are busy figuring out exactly how to set their lines, but there a few that have snuck out early.

Coin Toss

You can take either side of the coin at -105 odds, which isn’t the full vigorish but you’ll still have to pay a little juice to have the book take it.

There’s also the option to pick which team will win that toss at the same odds.

Just keep in mind, tails never fails.

Anthem Time

This isn’t out yet, but last...

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