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As if Terrell Owens didn’t get enough attention, he’ll be one of the athletes appearing on The Superstars, beginning later this month. And John Salley is currently degrading himself on I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!

What is it about athletes that makes them want to go on reality television shows? It has to be the competition, right? A new way for them to prove that they are the best?

Sometimes it goes smoothly. For a six-year stretch, athletes have either won Dancing With the Stars or come in second. Players such as Emmit Smith, Jerry Rice, and Jason Taylor have opened themselves up to a whole new fan base.

But it’s not always that successful. Most reality television is trashy, some is controversial, and some is just downright stupid. Let’s take a look back at The 10 Most Ridiculous Athlete Reality TV Appearances.

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