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Charlie Sheen is a huge sports fan. He is also completely and utterly delusional. 

We are talking about a man who could be on top of the acting world, if he knew how to act appropriately. I have always said that even celebrities and athletes have the right to do what they want on their own time, but this guy is insane!

Sheen is the star of his own sitcom, Two and a Half Men. It is based loosely on his life. Actually, the character he plays, who is a womanizing, gambling alcoholic, is in fact far more tame than the man Sheen is in real life.

But there are similarities. Both are huge sports fans. They both bet on games as often as possible. They love hookers, alcohol and degenerate behavior.

Yet Charlie Harper is much more down to earth than Charlie Sheen. That would not come as a shock to anyone who knows Sheen, although the character is quite awful as well.

Did I mention that I actually enjoy the show?

Anyway, Sheen recently has gone off about every topic under the sun. He has challenged the creator of his show to a fight inside the Octagon (not sure if Chuck Lorre has accepted). He went on to say that he has "tiger blood and Ado...

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