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Tiger Woods Must Return to Solidify Legacy, Escape Scandal

By Jonathan Mathis On December - 12 - 2009

Well, he refused to give us an explanation for what has turned into the biggest sporting scandal. Believe it or not, Tiger Woods doesn’t owe the world an explanation, even though he’s the world’s greatest athlete or greatest role model.

Weeks removed from revelations of a befuddling storm, led us to view Woods as a deceitful and infamous sleaze. Before committing transgressions, he was perceived as arguably the spotless paragon and beyond wrongdoing.

But he’s the epitome of human error, making front page headlines for an alleged marital affair. Drastically, we as curious citizens invaded his privacy, pursuing answers for slamming into a fire hydrant and a neighbor’s tree. Assuming the storyline was conclusive when we tried solving the missing pieces, maybe we were right. Maybe we were accurate, speculating he was chased out of his gated community home for pissing off his old lady.

Maybe he wrecked the Cadillac, attempting to escape his wife and backed out of his driveway and suffered lacerations to his lips in the accident he caused. Add the fact his incident labeled him as ...

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