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Twitter and Sports: Anyone Else Feel This Is Too Creepy?

By Mike Kline On September - 24 - 2009

Ok is it me or is this Twitter thing, especially when it comes to athletics, getting a little creepy?

Call me old fashioned, but when adult men or women start following the musings of a 17 to 18 year-old-kid, I find that a bit disturbing.

Twitter has, like My Space and Facebook before it, blown up on the pop culture scene and thus found its way into college athletics and recruiting.

Coaches tweet, or twit or whatever they call it. So do players current and potentially future players.

This is where I see the most problems with the Twitter craze.

Professional athletes were the first ones I heard about using twitter. Now college and even high school kids use it.

While most of what is posted on Twitter is mundane and not at all interesting to anyone who has a life, some of the stuff appears, from what I hear to be entertaining if not informative.

Sports junkies, especially at the college level, have flo...

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