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Early Monday morning University of Virginia Women's Lacrosse player Yeardly Love was found dead in her apartment off campus.

Just hours later fellow men's lacrosse player George Huguely was charged with first degree murder.

As of writing this those are the only facts in the case that have been released by police.

However, that has not stopped many on Internet message boards ranging from ABC News to the Washington Post from posting about how this kid should burn at the stake, or how he was just another privileged athlete who didn't get his way and killed this poor girl.

First off, the only FACTS we know are that a murder took place and that there has been a suspect taken into custody.  We also know the identity of both the victim and suspect.

That's it.  The method in which this poor girl met her end has not been released, neither has whether there was any forced entry.

That tells me nothing.  I am not defending Mr. Huguely in any way shape or form, but I remember the Duke lacrosse scandal of a few years ago, and sadly I was one of the folks yelling for their arrest.

I learned my lesson there. I should...

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