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It's been four years since Bode Miller fizzled out in Turino and I'm finally coming around to the notion that maybe he was right all along.

No, it's not just because he is now officially by any reasonable measure, the greatest skier in my nation's history. 

It's because four years have come and gone since Turino and I've thought about a few things since then...

Back then, I thought that Bode Miller was a jerk... And I still think that he's a jerk.

But, my opinion does not and should not count.


Because a week from right now, I will be done watching the Winter Olypmics. I'll stop paying attention to skiing for another 47 months, just as I won't pay two bits of attention to speed skating or luge or snowboard-cross. In fact, with the exception of hockey, there is no Winter Olympic sport that I deem worthy of my spectatorship until 2014.

Like most Americans, I won't give a crap about the Olympics after my two-week fill is done, because to me this is all a huge spectacle.

To me, the Olympics is not just about honor and patriotism. It's also about the sadistic joy of seeing a pressure cooker in action. ...

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