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What If Josh Hamilton Was Black?

By Illya Harrell On August - 9 - 2009

Josh Hamilton is a crack-addicted drunkard. A big deal was made in 2008 about his "journey to hell and back," the "demons" on his shoulder, and how he found Jesus who was to help him leave the past behind.

For people unaware of Hamilton, the quick version is this: Great family, all-American kid (just love how that tag is never used to describe anyone who is not white), first pick of the 1999 amateur draft, got hurt and couldn't play in 2002.

This is where is gets good: While injured, Josh started hanging out in a tattoo parlor, drinking like a camel and smoking crack because he was "bored." He was then kicked out of baseball, and reinstated after he claimed to have found sobriety.

His wife, Katie, stuck with him for most of his crack-headed behavior. She finally left with her 3 kids when it got really bad, but took him back after he became sober. 

Hamilton made a comeback in 2007—many never expected him to play again. 

In the first half of 2008, he set the baseball world on fire. It seemed like he was going yard every other game.

Then, pitchers learned how to pitch him, and from the second half of last year to this very m...

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