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When the US Media Talks About European Matters

By Jose V. Rodrigues On June - 10 - 2009

I hate it when the American Media open their mouth to talk about Europe.


Because 99.9 percent of the time, they’re wrong.

This manifest was triggered by an ESPN report on racism in European football, which was an anthem to the ignorance of the American media.

Yes, there is racism in Europe, but I can not accept that Europe’s image will be blurred because of the ignorance of some sport’s writers, trying to understand a complex political problem.

I have had enough.


Strike One

Kameni being abused by home fans—Espanyol fans that throw bananas at his own goalkeeper. Well, that is wrong!

Freeze the video during that moment and you’ll see that the fans have red shirts on.

Where is the mistake?

Espanyol fans wear black and blue striped shirts.


Stirke Two

“Americans might find it difficult to understand how and why there are so many racist slurs in European soccer.”

“What is taboo in the US (Racism) isn’t in Europe. The continent is house to dozens of far-right political parties.”


Number one, Americans might find it hard to understand racism? Who founded the Ku Klux Klan?

What is taboo in the US? What?! When black and white people get killed just because of the colour of their skin, it is not that much of taboo?

There are dozens of “far-right” parties in Europe?

Correct, but how many far-right movements are there in the US?

And that is one country.

Now imagine, if you have one far-right party in one out of every two European countries, then you’d have 25 parties. Unfortunately, there are more than just one per country.

Still, this portrait of Europeans as racists makes me sick.

Just look at the results of the European Parliament elections of June 7 2009: Only five to 10 Nationalist parties have a seat in the European parliament. On top of that, lets not forget that they only had around 15 seats, which is next to ridiculous when compared to the number of MEPs.


Strike Three

“Breeding fear of Black and Muslim Immigrants.”

Well, when the US media criticizes far right parties for using such propaganda, I can only laugh.

And all of you know why.


One More and You Get Ejected

“European stadiums are a bastion of hooliganism.”

Well, when Raiders fans destroy everything that they touch, in order to celebrate, than you can not trash the European fans, sorry.



“In Europe we’re facing denial by the population.”

People think that only a few are racist, according to this report, and that is the wrong thing to do.

Well, when the majority of Europeans would like to ban far-right and far-left movements, than you can not say that we’re in denial!


Thanks, for the biased report ESPN.



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