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Too many times in history, we see that great and powerful men tumble downhill because they get bad advice and suffer bad consequences.

A historical example is found in 2 Sam. 16:21. Ahithophel strategically advised Absalom, the son of the great king, David. He told him:

"Sleep with your father's concubines whom he left to take care of the palace. Then all Israel will hear about how you have made your father despise you. Everyone who is with you will support you even more."

One thing is clear. Both Absalom and his father King David were not easily accessed because of their power. Men (or women) close to them would counsel them.

Now in the contemporary world of power and money, it is certainly clear that everyone could not get access to Tiger Woods. There is probably an “Ahithophel” near him. This person close to him may have even helped him get introduced and to have access to certain people.

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