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With all the talk of a Pac-16, it occurred to me that what really needs to happen is for the NCAA to just sell Division I football to the NFL.


Crazy, right?

How can the NCAA keep it? Oh wait, it's the tradition...right?

Traditional rivalries like Texas A&M vs. Cal? Or USC vs. Oklahoma State?

Tradition is gone. It is ALL about the money—TV money, that is.

So let's look at a college football landscape that levels the playing field.


NFL High School Draft

  • Each NFL team gets four D-I schools (bumping the number of teams to 128).
  • Each school gets 20 draft picks per year.
  • Draft order is the reverse of the team standings in the league the previous season, and players will be drafted by region.
  • The total squad will not exceed 120 players, with walk-ons to fill out the remainder of positions.
  • All D-I football players get a stipend ($3,000 as freshmen to $10,000 as seniors).
  • No D-I Player is allowed to declare for the NFL until after junior year.
  • Four 32-team leagues broken into four divisions of eight teams.
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