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How NFL Can Improve Its Drug Testing Policy

By Adam Lazarus On May - 8 - 2012
Last August, the NFL announced that it would revamp and improve its drug testing policy. According to a New York Times report, every player in every season would be tested for human growth hormone at least once a year. That provision—with the already-in-place testing for the more “commonplace” performance enhancing drugs (i.e. anabolic steroids)—seemed to make the NFL the front-runner in terms of team-sports testing. Ahead of the NBA, NHL, Major League Baseball and even international sports. But the policy is still far from perfect. As everyone says, the cheaters will always be out in front of any league testing ...

The Funniest South Park Sports Parodies Ever

By Adam Lazarus On October - 11 - 2010
Pop culture followers are all abuzz because South Park is going to spoof MTV's The Jersey Shore in this week's episode.This comes a week after the Season Premier that featured a fairly scathing satire of NASCAR and NASCAR fans. Of course, it was all in jest and (hopefully) intended to knock down stereotypes.But through it's 14-year run, the show has a rich history of spoofing, mocking, or down-right blasting sports figures and sporting events.Here's a countdown of the ten most memorable such cases. And you will respect ma authoritay on this one!(As South Park's pre-show warning declares, the voices used ...
Ines Sainz has become a household name in the span of a week. The debate will rage on, and both sides have their merits.Considering how popular—and regimented—the NFL is, the league is prone to these types of off-the-field stories, practically every week. But that doesn't mean the issue concerns the NFL alone.Whatever happens with this (assuming something actually does happen), there will be some long-lasting effects. Here we consider both sides of the argument, and we'll let you decide.Begin Slideshow

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