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Sports Figures Whose Lives Would Make Great Movies

By Andrew Blumetti On September - 5 - 2012
Hooray for Hollywood!Well, not always.  That's gospel to anyone who sat through Rush Hour 3...or Rush Hour 2...or, you guessed it...the original Rush Hour. To write a great sports film is no easy task. To we fans who sit and watch games on a daily basis, creating a believable level of suspense and excitement that rivals a real game is difficult.  Try filming a scene that matches the intensity of the last grueling minutes of Super Bowl XLII or the silent chills of a Masters' 18th green putt.  It's an uphill battle in many ways. Some of these fictitious films succeed, and frankly, ...

MLB: Describing Each 2012 Team with 90’s Songs

By Andrew Blumetti On August - 21 - 2012
"Why do you need new bands? Everyone knows rock attained perfection in 1974. It's a scientific fact."Standing in a loud grungy music store, surrounded by young bands he'd never heard of, those defensive words were uttered by a clearly out-of-touch Homer Simpson in a 1996 episode of The Simpsons entitled "Homerpalooza."As a 16-year-old cherub-faced teen, I remember thinking how odd that feeling must be. It just seemed so old. To really step in the cement of a certain era and let it dry around your feet? That's just weird. Apparently you have company Homer. Here it is, sixteen years later and ...

The Best Speeches in Sports Movie History

By Andrew Blumetti On August - 17 - 2012
Locker rooms are gross.They're smelly, waterlogged, messy and littered with way too many used jockstraps for comfort.Luckily, the magic of film makes us forget all of that malarkey. The field, court or ice may be where champions are born and where legends are crowned, but the silver screen reminds us: Those gross locker rooms are places of inspiration and motivation that bring us to the marvelous point of celebration. Stars don't just perform out of nowhere.  Before Rudy gets a-Rudyin' and the Hoosiers get a-Hoosierin', it takes great words of wisdom to get us there.Sports films would be nothing without overcoming adversity.  ...

2012 NFL Predictions, Based on Team Foam Hats

By Andrew Blumetti On August - 6 - 2012
Is the calendar right? It's August already? Wow, where does the time go? That means it's that time of year the gridiron diehards are hunkering down for four months of pigskin madness. Sleazy bookies are being overrun with last-minute bets squeezed in at the wire, Doritos will be sold at an alarming rate and disgruntled wives will not see their husbands on a Sunday until February. When looking for help in making NFL predictions and picks, your average person may seek out help from ESPN, Sports Illustrated or a source that spends millions of dollars analyzing the most incredibly agonizing minutiae ...

15 Athletes Who Will Make Awesome Coaches

By Andrew Blumetti On August - 4 - 2012
To achieve the full proper effect of this article, please repeatedly play this theme song of the 90's sitcom, Coach, while reading. Now enjoy.So, what makes an effective coach?Is it strictly playing experience? How about elite championship pedigree? Does it matter how many trophies are collecting dust on your fireplace mantle?Well, it's those. But at the same time, it's not.Frankly, there's just some people who are meant to take the reigns and lead. Many times it's not the superstars, the hotshots, or the flashy names that end up being the best coaches.  Great players are a dime a dozen, but a ...

MLB: The Ugly Hat Countdown

By Andrew Blumetti On July - 8 - 2012
Go to your local mall and walk into a Lids store. Wall to wall, you're bombarded.  There's this to your left.  Then this is to your right.  Look out!  This is behind you!After making a beeline for the door, once your head stops spinning, you're bound to ask the same thing we all do—first, why are they making so many horrible looking baseball caps?  Even more frightening, who's buying them?Somewhere along the past decade, it became en vogue for MLB team hats to appear in a variety of incorrect and loud colors, with gaudy images, and flat-brims you could use a ...

The 35 Most Ridiculous Reasons to Love Sports

By Andrew Blumetti On June - 30 - 2012
Sports are ridiculous.Think about it.  We gather and watch grown men and women kick a ball into a massive net, tackle each other for 60 minutes, hit a speeding ball with a piece of wood, and try to chuck a big orange ball into a basket.A team's loss can ruin our week, or a dramatic win can bring a tear to our eye.  Really, it's just a game!  Doesn't that sound crazy? Neanderthal cavemen didn't have any of these things and they got by okay.  Sport is a man-made creation, after all. For some reason, we find ourselves enamored with this seemingly ...

Pixar and Sports Stars: Separated at Birth?

By Andrew Blumetti On June - 2 - 2012
The mercury is creeping higher and higher.Sizzling barbecues are scorching hot with glowing red charcoal.Despite endless showers, you'll be finding rogue grains of sand in your hair for months.We don't need June 21st to arrive to let us know.  Without a doubt, summer is here.If you're not near the ocean's breaking waves, or firing up the grill isn't your thing, you can always seek refuge from summer's toasty temperatures in an ice-cold movie theater.  Don't listen to New Jersey's Oompa Loompa "Tanning Mom", suntans are overrated anyway.   Summer films have become as much of a mid-year staple as the recorded ...

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