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Michael Vick To Appear on Oprah: The Big Gamble

By Brian Tallon On February - 15 - 2011
It comes down to this: On February 24th Michael Vick will appear on "The Oprah Winfrey Show." Vick has been a hot commodity since the untimely end of the Eagles season.  Earlier this year, you'll recall, Oprah made a very public bet with Piers Morgan that she'd land an interview with Vick before Morgan did. Ironically, it's rumored that cancellation of that bet was a condition of the interview. Michael can't be seen to be promoting illegal gambling. Speaking of gambling, this is one of the biggest gambles Vick will take since leaving prison and signing with the Eagles. While many have ...
Will there ever be forgiveness?  We can all agree, I hope, that what Michael Vick did during those dog fighting days in the early 2000’s was horrific.  Terrible.  Disgusting.  Even Vick looks back at what he did and admits that it’s unbelievable that people can do that to animals.  But in our culture, when a person commits an act like this, we sentence them to an appropriate punishment.  Mike served this punishment and then some.  In order to be forgiven, we look for people who have not only served the appropriate time, but also take it upon themselves to help make ...

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