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An Open Letter to the Head Honchos at B/R

By Cameron Britt On October - 8 - 2009
Hey Guys, Let me start by saying that I love Bleacher Report. I love sharing my opinions. I love getting commenter feedback. I love interacting with fellow fans. But I now do have a problem with this place. The flurry of changes! This is my 101st Article, and first to say anything negative about The Bleacher Report. When I joined seven months ago, this place was awesome. Yeah, it was bare-bones and looked a little dull, but that was OK. After all, we could all see where everyone stood (writer rankings, ahem-although these have just recently come back) and what everyone was up to (recent activities). As time went on (about two ...

Dad: Doing a Lot of [Doo-Doo]

By Cameron Britt On June - 21 - 2009
The Dad. In a conventional role, he is the provider of the household, the teacher of his children, and the molder of his son's character. I am proud to say that my dad has been successful in all of the above, but I feel that he has gone beyond that when it comes to sports. No, he's never been a really big "sports guy," but he has always recognized that I am one and was always one to further stoke my passion. When I was big on NASCAR, he'd take me to the All-Star Race in Charlotte. When there was a big game ...

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