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Swing and a Miss: Am I The Best Uninformed Blogger?

By David Xaviel is the Real Mr. X On March - 7 - 2010
Only recently did I find a transcript from the November 2, 2009 program of Countdown with Keith Olbermann. In which, I was called out as the "best uninformed blogger." I had written an article that argued that the US Congress should revoke ESPN's license to broadcast.  In part because of ESPN's refusal to report charges of sexual assault by Ben Roethlisberger last summer, overplaying the stories about Pacman Jones, and the hit-pieces against Raiders coach Tom Cable. Turns out that ESPN has no license to broadcast because the FCC has no authority over ESPN. Touche. Nevertheless, I would say that while I may be uninformed about many of the basics ...

Once Again, Why I Do What I Do

By David Xaviel is the Real Mr. X On March - 6 - 2010
Last night, I decided to Google my name.  Yes, I Googled my name.  You'd be surprised at how much can show up with your name on it. Some people will even use valuable time to dedicate blogs that attack my blogs, even on Facebook.  It's like mad blog disease. In one case, I was apparently mentioned or discussed on Countdown with Keith Olbermann for my many articles about ESPN. Olbermann, of course, is the former host of SportsCenter.  Feels a bit humbling, though I don't know what was said, just enough to know, "David Xaviel of thebleacherreport.com is convinced that..." I suppose I deserved that ...

Double Standard: Why the Media Scrutiny of Tiger Woods Shows a Racist Tinge

By David Xaviel is the Real Mr. X On December - 19 - 2009
Parental Advisory Warning: This article contains information not suitable for unsupervised readers under the age of 17, or those who are easily offended. Please consider the necessity and context of the offensive words used.  I also suspect that people will either love or hate this article, so please leave any comments, while I appreciate respectful disagreement as much as I appreciate praise. I have written only one other article on the Tiger Woods saga, but leave it to me to find an interesting angle in which I call white people hypocrites. I would know.  I've been a white hypocrite.  I don't believe that I make ...

Colbert Nation Saves Olympic Speedskating, yet Colbert Undermines the Gold

By David Xaviel is the Real Mr. X On December - 17 - 2009
Unbelievably, that is a real issue of Sports Illustrated that is to be released.  After Stephen Colbert launched a phony campaign for president in 2008 with the sole purpose of making Doritos’s irresistible, it has been hard to take anything seriously from Colbert, with one big exception being the delectable crunch of Doritos. Colbert thus overthrew the previous president of Doritos, Jay Leno, in a bloodless coup. I do not consider myself the persuadable type; I even tried to be hypnotized once, and it did not take.  I used to wonder how much easier life would be if I just allowed myself to ...

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