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Sports are important to every single reader of these pages. That’s obvious, or none of us would be here. Yet, every now and again we’re reminded that no matter how important sports are in giving us joy and entertainment, they’re also insignificant when compared to other aspects of our lives.   Today is one of those moments; Veterans Day.   Sports have always been compared to war and battle. The vernacular of sports is filled with words and phrases that originated on the battlefield and during war time. However, the true warriors aren’t passing for touchdowns to Randy Moss in Gillette Stadium, slamming down ...

Be Smart: Play Joyfully Today

By Hotnuke On September - 16 - 2009
As I partook of my afternoon dose of nicotine outside the Fletcher Free Library here in Burlington, VT, a group of pre-schoolers, watched by their day care minders, scrambled around on the lawn outside the library with a vitality that’s missing in my own life at times.   I smiled as I watched three young boys hold hands in a circle, sing the words to “Ring Around the Rosie,” and fall down at the appropriate moment, unaware of the nursery rhyme’s tragic historical connection to the Plague of the Dark Ages.   I marveled at the energy of three others as one of the ...
South African running sensation and world champion, Caster Semenya has, in my view, been treated so heinously by both the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) and the international media of late I’ve begun to wonder if any of those at that august organization, or any of the members of the media who have used the "leaks" to write their articles actually have human souls.   Certainly their callous disregard to the damage they’re doing to this young woman (and regardless of the results of the tests she’s been forced to undergo she is a woman) is incredible. Whether they mouth platitudes ...

For Love of the Game: Sports Heaven Awaits

By Hotnuke On September - 1 - 2009
Sports fever is in the air. Football, baseball, basketball, and hockey seasons are soon to converge, and that makes for sports fan heaven. Add to that the great tournaments in tennis and golf that are beginning or just on the horizon, the final races of the NASCAR Winston Cup season, and what more could a sports aficionado want?   Oh, and let’s not forget all the other great sports such as Soccer, Boxing, MMA, and all college sports. Simply put, we’re coming up on the best time of the year to be a sports fan.   We’re quickly closing in on the start of ...

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