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This may not be the proper forum to address my dismay over what was supposed to be professional sports writing. On the other hand, I cannot resist the temptation of relating to you what I consider as "unbecoming of a sports writer." Well, I'm not really that good of a writer and that fact alone probably explains why I haven't had many paid writing gigs, but may I ask: "Is it a mortal sin to ask for a little more professionalism, proofreading, or fact-checking maybe?"   Sports writer —not me, a definition please. (noun) a reporter who writes about a particular sport in which ...

Boxing In Particular: The Price of Prizefighting

By John Louie Ramos On April - 23 - 2010
Hidden beneath the veil of fame and fortune, under the cloak of glitz and glamor and buried underneath the pinnacle of greatness, there is a loud exclamation. A bitter story of small proportions bearing colossal significance. For this edition of Boxing in Particular, I'd like to thank Mark Lorenzona of Pinoy Fight Scribe for such a brilliant post that inspired this piece. Thanks! So on with this.   The Price of Prizefighting   "He just wants to earn money to support his family." Short yet sacred. It was a phrase that resembles noble desires. No, it wasn't a phrase. It was a cry—a subtle cry ...

Boxing in Particular: Manny Pacquiao’s Ambitious Climb

By John Louie Ramos On April - 15 - 2010
The ingenious Don Quixote of La Mancha once live in a make-believe world wherein chivalric romance and knightly ventures come side by side with cruel deception and cold-hearted truth. The gentleman from La Mancha dreamt on pursuing courageous yet impossible deeds. He engages against unbeatable foes as a result of little food and lack of sleep. With his humble being he ventured a noble mission. He tilted at windmills. In this special edition of Boxing In Particular, we'll take a closer look at how things are shaping up regarding WBO welterweight champion Manny Pacquiao's battle amid the political arena in his native Philippines. So ...
When we talk about "Giant Killers" there are always two sides of the coin—the giant and, of course, the killers. Killers may be great but nonetheless, giants have their own story deserving recognition. Let me tell you mine... OUR team, OUR school, OUR pride, OUR tragic ending.   The year was 2007. Our school was the University of the East Red Warriors, one of the country's best basketball programs that crafted out 18 University Athletic Association of the Philippines (UAAP—Philippine counterpart of the NCAA) championship. Numerous Philippine basketball legends attended the university including the likes of Baby Dalupan,  Robert Jaworski, Allan Caidic, Jerry Cordinera ...

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