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Rolling Deep: The Most Obscene Athlete Extravagances

By Lance Pauker On August - 18 - 2010
You may know Bryan Williams as the ringleader of the now disbanded rap duo Big Tymers. You may know Bryan Williams by his better recognized alias, Birdman. Or, if are unfamiliar modern American hip-hop, you may not know Bryan Williams at all. If you haven't heard about the ways of Birdman, the co-founder of the mega successful hip hop conglomerate know as Cash-Money records, nobody is faulting you. However, the southern rap mogul has recently made the news by staying true to his ca$h money roots, purchasing a $2.1 million Bugatti Veyron.To prepare for the delivery of his pimped out ride, Birdman ...
Kids don't play sports for the gargantuan contracts, beachside mansions, or exclusive VIP status at the world's hottest clubs. They play for one reason, and one reason only--for the love of the game. Throughout the years, Hollywood has attempted to immortalize this uncultivated passion for sports time and time again. From Bad News Bears to the Mighty Ducks, kids sports movies have consistently produced unforgettable moments. For the kid in all of us, let's relive some of the craziest little league scenes in movie history.  Begin Slideshow

Albert Haynesworth and the 10 Fattest Athletes Alive

By Lance Pauker On August - 10 - 2010
An athlete generally possess a strong degree of strength, speed, and endurance. High levels of physical fitness are crucial to almost any athletic endeavor, and are integral to nearly every professional athlete's formula for success.  Every now and then however, there exist those who do not follow this formula. These professional athletes are regarded as outliers in the fullest sense, and their ability to compete on such a demanding and fast-paced level is rather baffling. Simply put, many of these individuals don't look like they belong on in the game--they look like they should be on the couch watching the game.  Without ...

Shark Week: The Biggest Sharks in Sports

By Lance Pauker On August - 4 - 2010
After months of anticipation, the oh-so celebrated "Shark Week" is finally upon us. This week is certainly cause for celebration, as it marks the one time in the year where one can sit around and watch nothing but the Discovery Channel, and still be considered an eligible bachelor. Sharks are an interesting breed of animal. Known for their viciously intimidating aura, this species has the uncanny ability to emit both fear and fascination within an observer. This ruthless animal contains a distinctive sense of presence. Put yourself in the same tank as a shark, and there's no question whose going ...

The 10 Most Annoying People To Watch Sports With

By Lance Pauker On July - 31 - 2010
Sports connect. Sports unify. Sports foster community. These unique properties of sport render it one of the most important form of ritual in American society. For some, the "big game" is more highly anticipated than Christmas. In many ways, major sporting events have taken to a holiday of sorts. For proof, look no further than the Super Bowl. Essentially, sport watching breeds an ecosystem. Each and every individual gathered around a television set—be it at a local bar, a friend's sweet big screen, or a college dorm room—brings something different to the table. Just like the sport itself, those watching ...

The 10 Craziest Fashion Statements in Sports

By Lance Pauker On July - 29 - 2010
The sports world is no stranger to eccentricity. Bizarre pregame rituals, odd batting stances, and outlandish superstitions can often define a team or a players persona, as these quirks provide a sense of individuality amongst an industry that is heavily reliant on formality... and uniforms. Some athletes however, have taken this sense of individualism a little too far. And unfortunately for us, the result is sometimes downright appalling. Here are the top 10 craziest fashion statements in sports. We may never recover from these aesthetic horrors, but at least these athletes have gone great lengths to raise the common person's self-esteem. ...
"Stage fright" refers to an individual's tendency to experience tremendous anxiety when performing in front of an audience. Although the term generally pertains to the realm of theatre, its place in sports is undeniable. With the exception of major political happenings, professional sporting events draw arguably the largest crowds in the world. Thus, it is only natural that certain athletes would be hard pressed to cope with the overwhelming expectations, pressure, and hype surrounding them on the big stage. In no particular order, this slideshow will count down some of the most surprising big stage flops in sports history. I'm ...

2010 FIFA World Cup WAGs: What Will They Do Now?

By Lance Pauker On July - 23 - 2010
You may have already forgotten, but the World Cup reached its conclusion earlier this month. Spain, the winners of this immaculate global festival, departed South Africa rather triumphantly. Although half the team will likely lose their hearing in five years due to unforgiving fury of the vuvuzela, La Furia Roja returns to their homeland with two highly prized trophies. Two trophies? Yep, that's right. In addition to winning the World Cup, Spain brings with them some even better hardware, as some of the WAGs on this team certainly represent the ultimate prize. Now that the World Cup is over, WAGs such ...

The 50 Worst Sports TV Personalities Of All Time

By Lance Pauker On July - 20 - 2010
Sports, like many other aspects of life, can often be interpreted from the eye of the beholder. Sometimes however, sports anchors make this process exceedingly difficult. Since the boom of ESPN, sports reporting has been elevated to new heights, allowing viewers access to news, stories, and sports idiosyncrasies unavailable to the common sports fanatic a mere generation ago. As with anything in excess, there are deleterious side effects. Throughout the years, the occupation of the "sports anchor" has produced personalities, reporting styles, and comments that are umm—how do I say this nicely—undesirable? This slideshow will count down the 50 worst sports ...

10 Decisions ESPN Should Show Next

By Lance Pauker On July - 13 - 2010
Last Thursday at 9 p.m. EST, the atmosphere suddenly and inexplicably exploded. It was later found that this cataclysmic event was caused by a little-known special held on ESPN about some guy named LeBron James. Apparently he's a big deal or something. Jim Gray was there, so it must have been pretty important.The event had even higher ratings than Jim Rome Is Burning, something previously thought impossible by that German Octopus dude, who is apparently a more reliable prophet than Dan Gilbert. Because the LeBron reality show was a bigger hit than "Dream Job," ESPN's previous crack at reality TV, ...

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