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Sports Etiquette: When To Use “We”

By Mark Welling On September - 22 - 2009
This sort of post always exists—the post on a message board criticising people for using the pronoun "we." The posts are usually about the same: An angry English junkie is telling people that they aren't on the team, and therefore, he can't use "we" when referring to his team. The authors of these posts want a difference to be shown between people that are actually members of the program, and people that want the program to succeed. So is it correct to use the "we" term? It is debatable, but the answer is "yes." There are certain rules that should be followed when ...

Sports Etiquette: When to Leave and Return to Your Seat

By Mark Welling On September - 22 - 2009
  People coming to and from their seat at any sporting event are just part of going to a game. Yet, we have all been to games when people abuse the good nature of the fans sitting around them by leaving and coming to their seats at random. These fans have forgotten the basic common courtesy that should be shown for the fans they are sitting next to at games. Likewise, many fans become overly critical of fans leaving their seats at all. If you have ever been to any BYU sporting event you know the favorite saying of the older fans ...

Sports Etiquette: Be a Good Fan Around Kids

By Mark Welling On September - 22 - 2009
Whether you bring them yourself or you're just sitting next to them, kids come to sporting events. It is a great thing, for the most part, to sit next to young kids at a sporting event. Usually, there is a little more work (putting up with a more movement in the seats, more cheering, and entering/leaving of the seat) you have to put forth while watching the game. Yet, seeing the happiness of victory or the disappointment of defeat in the attitudes of these young fans really makes it fun. Lately though the family friendliness of sporting events have taken hits. ...

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