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Sports Etiquette: When To Use “We”

By Mark Welling On September - 22 - 2009

This sort of post always exists—the post on a message board criticising people for using the pronoun "we."

The posts are usually about the same: An angry English junkie is telling people that they aren't on the team, and therefore, he can't use "we" when referring to his team.

The authors of these posts want a difference to be shown between people that are actually members of the program, and people that want the program to succeed. 

So is it correct to use the "we" term? It is debatable, but the answer is "yes."

There are certain rules that should be followed when using "we."

1) Only use "we" when you are an established fan of the team. If you have been rooting for a team to succeed, go ahead and drop the "we." You are a part of the franchise. Home court advantages for teams prove this point. The fans make a difference in the way a team performs on the court. 

2) No bandwagon "we." If you aren't an established fan of a team, don't use the "we." Use the name of the team to refer to them. You might as well take out your man card and shred it for using the bandwagon "we" in any circumstance.

3) When ...

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