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The Little League World Series. For some, the words conjure up fond memories of their Little League days. For others, it brings to the surface a foul recollection of a no-hitter ruined because some goofy kid couldn't put forth the effort to catch an easy fly ball to shallow left field. But I digress. Unfortunately for an increasingly large amount of children, the bad memories will remain permanent into adulthood, due to arm pain or physical scars from surgery. Theirs is a story known all too well by concerned parents and healthcare professionals. The debate rages over what to do about too-soon injuries occurring on too-young arms. ...

7 NFL Athletes with a Future in Politics

By Mike Stanger On March - 8 - 2012
Sports and politics go hand-in-hand.Richard Nixon once called a play for the Washington Redskins that resulted in a 13-yard loss—a harbinger of his political future.Many professional leagues have former athletes who have served in politics after their playing days ended. The NFL is no exception.Former Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Steve Largent was a U.S. Representative for Oklahoma, and journeyman quarterback Heath Shuler is finishing out his career as U.S. Representative for North Carolina.Which current NFL players have public service in their future?Begin Slideshow

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