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The Little League World Series.

For some, the words conjure up fond memories of their Little League days.

For others, it brings to the surface a foul recollection of a no-hitter ruined because some goofy kid couldn't put forth the effort to catch an easy fly ball to shallow left field.

But I digress.

Unfortunately for an increasingly large amount of children, the bad memories will remain permanent into adulthood, due to arm pain or physical scars from surgery. Theirs is a story known all too well by concerned parents and healthcare professionals.

The debate rages over what to do about too-soon injuries occurring on too-young arms.

Little League baseball has taken measures to reduce the causes, by instituting a mandatory pitch count. 

In some leagues throughout the country, breaking balls have been banned due to the popular belief that more stress is put on the arm by throwing a curve than by tossing a fastball.

Although this may seem intuitive, the research out there doesn't support it.

Studies conducted b...

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