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In honor of my record 100th article on Bleacher Report, I have comprised a duel that lists the depth charts of the top players at each position from the AFC South and NFC North divisions. Moreover, inspired via B/R writer Double G Sports, I have also incorporated a fictitious directory of an all-female celebrity football team to make for an interesting twist. Thank you all very much for reading and enjoy a tribute to this esteemed milestone! Begin Slideshow
The 2010 NFL season is just three and a half months away, and avid fans across the country are clinging to the NBA Playoffs, and the World Cup, and other sporting events to cope with the pain of football absence. Currently, the biggest headlines in the NFL are the suspensions to Ben Roethlisberger and Brian Cushing. Other stories circulating around the league have been covering Tim Tebow jersey sales, the aspects of Brett Favre’s one-and-done year or return to Minnesota, available free agents, and general predictions and power rankings for the upcoming season. But with the many typical lists of power ...
He’s 6’1”, 224 lbs, and nicknamed “The Bonecrusher.” His name is Bernard Pollard, and he’s served up 300 tackles, seven interceptions, and six forced fumbles on two different teams in his four seasons so far with the NFL. Despite missing three games last season, Pollard comes off a season best 102 tackles and four interceptions with his new team, the Houston Texans. But despite the presence he’s made in Kansas City and Houston in aiding a below average secondary on both occasions, Pollard might be most recognized in New England. Begin Slideshow
It seems like just yesterday we were gearing up for the 2009 season, but now we’re five weeks away from embarking on the 2010 NFL Draft.  For the first time, the draft will be a three-day event, making the gut-wrenching anticipation a prolong event, that will gather more interest from its national spectators. There are always plain and dull mock drafts available, but this is the first presented in a series with the needs of every franchise in comparison to the usual and a few unusual meal types you may find in your lunch menu.   1. St. Louis—Ndamukong Suh, DT, Nebraska The Lambs in St. ...
On my way to the hardware store, I noticed something suspicious, as the store appeared twice the size in length from my last visit.  I escaped a crowd of absolute strangers and eluded my way through the door way.  At this very moment, I was completely star struck, noticing the substantial length and width in every aisle. In my quest to figure out what had happened, I noticed what appeared to be a simple television remote lying on the cold floor.  Whistling a soft tune, I bent over and began to notice this was no ordinary remote. With a quick press of ...

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