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Behind Enemy Lines: ESPN, Are You Listening?

By Scott Michael Leddy On May - 11 - 2010
As a Philadelphia sports fan, I have a natural affinity for sh*t. Talkin it, getting it-faced before games, watching the Sixers play like it. One of my few God-given talents is starting it, and all my life I have struggled to find a way to make it a marketable skill. Until now. ESPN, your future is now. Are you listening? Because your next great show is on it's way, straight from my brain. The premise is simple: I, as our charming, handsome, and most likely wasted host, will travel to the biggest rivalry games in the nation, spanning all sports and locations. I ...

Ben Roethlisberger, Tiger Woods and The Modern American Sex Scandal

By Scott Michael Leddy On April - 28 - 2010
It seems that one cannot open a newspaper or website without the words SEX, SCANDAL, or (gasp) both combined in a sports headline. Athletes have left politicians in the dust in terms of philandering and have become the new face of the modern-day sex scandal.  This is not shocking. Hell, this isn’t even really news. What is shocking is that so many Americans are shocked by the actions of these professional athletes. Why? You all remember the All-American jock in high school. He was cocky. He was insufferable. He wasn’t always bright, but boy did those ladies love him, and boy did ...

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