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Athletic Star Who Could Not Read: Speaker at Youth Program

By Damali Binta Yael On August - 8 - 2009

A string of F's. A bundle of frustration. Dennis Kennedy was an athletic star in high school. A football player with many city and state accolades, yet he had a problem. He was admitted to college with a reading level at about the fifth grade.

How can that happen? He told us at a luncheon on Aug. 8, 2009. Kennedy's candid presentation was applauded by the nearly 200 participants at a buffet luncheon.  Some of the participants in a youth program have had similar experiences in high school and college.

Kennedy even shared the fact that there were special courses in his college that were designed so that he and others would not fail. After all, the university wanted them to play football and if their GPA was too low, they would be put off the team.

Some professors, however, were frank with Kennedy and others. Those are the ones that Kennedy appreciates. He, finally, refocused his energy and started passing classes. He graduated with a four year degree in seven years.

As I listened to his presentation, I asked myself, "Might there be others in, say, the NFL, NBA, and NCAA who cannot read at the college level? What happens when the athletes slide...

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