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By Ryan of The Sportmeisters

OK, so first of all, I support free speech, obviously, but I know there are lines in what can and should be said in public.

This discussion isn’t about crossing that line. Instead, three of the major leagues (NBA, NFL, and NHL) have publicly declared certain time bans for when any member within those leagues can use Twitter. This includes all players, coaches, and personnel.

For those uninitiated to the social media world, Twitter is a social networking site where people can update anything and everything they choose, as long as it's within a 140-character limit.

In the NBA alone, over 1.4 million personnel are users, including players and other team personnel. It’s a positive way for athletes to give the fans a real inside look at the true life of a professional athlete.

However, recent events have forced some leagues, including the NBA, NFL, and NHL, to step in and make limits for Twittering. Some teams have gone above and beyond that.

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