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Yesterday, former NFL quarterback Michael Vick was released from federal custody after serving a sentence on dogfighting charges. It's unclear what kind of penalties, if any, he will incur at the local and state levels, but many are still torn over whether or not Vick will play in the NFL again. Commissioner Roger Goodell suspended the Virginia Tech alum indefinitely last summer, and now Vick's eligibility hinges on Goodell's impending verdict. No doubt Goodell will want to examine Vick to determine if he has truly changed. But with training camp looming, Vick has tried to recondition himself for potentially playing again in 2009. Should Vick ...

Why Twitter Makes No Sense to Me

By Tim Bielik On June - 5 - 2009
These days, we live in an era where anyone can communicate to anyone very quickly. However, one Web site, twitter.com, has become the latest addition to this craze, where anyone can rant or say anything they want in 140 characters or less. Today, everyone from college coaches to ESPN anchors to newspaper reporters has a page. Well, I am making a personal decision not to use Twitter for the time being. I feel the site is just an extension of another device called the Facebook status message. I came into knowledge about Twitter from Bucks forward Charlie Villanueva's infamous halftime "tweet," which included the words ...

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