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Former Army, Indiana and Texas Tech head coach Bob Knight is a genius, motivator and rabble-rouser all rolled into one fiery, but tremendous, leaderWhile this article could include hundreds of Knightisms and near-felonious actions, in the interest of readers' time only the pinnacle of BK escapades are captured here.An f-bombed-filled halftime speech? Check.A golf program that has more expletives than putts? Absolutely.A meltdown on his own television show. Sure.And, of course, the infamous chair incident during a game against rival PurdueKnight is undoubtedly one of history's most outstanding college basketball coaches.But his demeanor? That's another f*****g story.Begin Slideshow
Sports films drip with heroes like Roy Hobbs, Rocky Balboa, Jimmy Chitwood and a seemingly endless list of underdogs and über-talents.But the villains—those unlikeable deviants, malcontents and madmen—are equally responsible for the ultimate success of the cinematic genre.Let us, however, move beyond the screen and into "real life."Which despicable characters would seep out like gum from the bottom of your shoe?Now consider each of those men as a potential beau for your sister.Mix those nefarious dudes and lil' sis and what comes out of the oven? The 15 sports film characters you would never let date your sister. Begin Slideshow

BCS Computer, Benny, Gives Up Anonymity, Reveals All

By Tom Baer On November - 25 - 2010
Since the inception of the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) in 1998, only MIT graduates and savants (aka "Rain Men") have possessed the mental acuity necessary to comprehend the BCS' many nuances. What about the average Lay-Z-Boy-sitting, pretzel-eating, ripped-jersey-wearing college football fan? How is it possible for he or she to understand the most nefarious mathematical formula since E=MC2? Benny, that's how. The nation's top-rated BCS computer, Benny, recently decided to open his hard drive and banter, on the record, about what critics often call the most muddled ranking system in sports. Below is the exclusive interview, verbatim, conducted by this ...
Normally I despise writing in first person, but, for this purpose of this piece, I find it necessary; my own sensibilities are under assault. As an editor and fan of this site, I read dozens of articles per week. Many are well-written, informative works about football, basketball, baseball...whatever. I've noticed, though, that college football writers, especially, seem to use "we" when referring to their favorite teams. Such pronouns, when used in the wrong context, irritate me to no end. Listen, unless you're affiliated with the program in some form, you are NOT part of said program. Perhaps you graduated from, say, Alabama. Great. ...

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