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Andre Agassi: An “Open” and Shut Case…

By J.A. Allen On November - 7 - 2009

It goes without saying that drugs are bad, even recreational drugs. That is why it is impossible to get them, right? If drugs are a cancer to our society, then, of course, as a society, we are doing everything in our power to counter them—protecting our children, our community, our cities, and our states.

It is much the same for harmful weapons like guns. We do not allow children or citizens who may harm others access to something that presents such an immediate and present danger. Right? 

As a people, as a community, we are doing everything in our power to create a safe environment for all people living within our boundaries. We treat everyone who breaks the law equally within our deliberate, yet passionate, justice system. 

If you believe the preceding statements are true, then you live in la-la land with the rest of the self-appointed name-callers and blame-gamers who hug today’s headlines.

It is the holier-than-thou critics who instantly rise to criticize someone else’s behavior who continually irritate the lining in one’s stomach.

Recently, Andre Agassi had the courage to stand up and confess his addiction to methamphetamine duri...

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