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Though we have had a few laughs at the expense of Jacoby Ellsbury for a few seasons and in a few of our humorous reports, he remains the epitome of the complete baseball player. We celebrate his inclusion on the All-Star team.

He earned it and he deserves it.  In a season of plenty, he may win more in the months ahead.

Jacoby also will likely receive a just dessert: the title of Comeback Player of the Year in baseball.

Of course, if we were speaking of football, Jacoby would not be eligible, as only those who have shot themselves in the foot or made headlines as a man who bites dogs are the comeback stories.

Jacoby has taken more ribbing from detractors than Adam had to endure in Eden. Eve not only cracked the man’s ribs; she actually molded one into herself.

How refreshing that a young man who has weathered the slings and arrows of outrageous media barbs has shown the patience of Job and the temperament of a puppy dog.

In an age of limelight seekers and dim bulbs, Jacoby quietly plays his game with dignity, stealing bases, making catches, hitting over .300 so far this sea...

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