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Dangerous Expectations: Are Steroids, Security, and Health Care Linked?

By David Xaviel is Mr. X On October - 9 - 2009

As Peter Griffin would say, "what grinds my gears" today is an industry of supplements and steroids (not the same, but similar) that has run wild with ridiculous promises.

This article is by no means a true essay, because I won't use standard reference notation. Instead, I will simply say that I have gathered my information from a variety of news articles, John Basedow (who promotes PEDs), and Vince DelMonte (who does not promote PEDs).


A Sports Culture of Deception

One example has been the ever annoying and incessant ads on MySpace, "I Got Ripped in 4 Weeks." These ads, like cigarette ads, target kids, teens, and adults to believe that you can look like some idiot that probably downed a dangerous cocktail of steroids and fat burners with no exercise involved.

The reality about many fitness magazines is this: The same companies that sell supplements and other phony diets that are often only dangerous to your health and hard on your wallet publish most fitness magazines.

The publishers do not profit from the magazines; they profit from the supplements and diets they sell by lying to you with ridiculous ads.

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