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Transgressions. Jaimee Grubbs pics. Kalika Moquin pictures.

Tiger Woods voice mail. Jaimee Grubs pictures. Tiger Woods cheated on wife.

Tiger Woods text messages. US Weekly Tiger Woods.

Consider the above search trends proof that Wednesday, Dec. 2 is the day Tiger Woods forever changed the Internet.

According to Google Trends, the above terms all fall in the Top 13 things that people are searching for on the Web, with "Tiger Woods Phone Call," "Tiger Woods Cocktail Waitress,” "Tiger Statement," and many others close behind.

In apologizing for his "transgressions," Woods did the unthinkable: He admitted that, to at least some extent, the Internet got it right.

We may never know which women had a fling with Woods, and which women are just making it all up. We may never know which voice mails and text messages came from Tiger versus those that didn't.

And we may never know why, exactly, Elin Nordegren smashed the rear windows of the couple's car with a golf club.

But we do know that amidst the millions of Google searches, the thousands of theo...

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