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Yes, New England Patriots fans, if Brandon Meriwether needed a soul mate in criminal mischief, the Patriots have provided it in Albert Haynesworth.

Give us your remorseless, criminally charged-with-allegation, attitudinal pariahs.

On the other side of the fan coin, there comes the altruism and genuine sportsmanship of Chad Ochocinco.

Faced with changing his name to Smith or Johnson—or something else, equally mundane—as a Patriot, Chad Ochocinco had to grapple with the fact that the number belonged to the tall, lean, dashing Aaron Hernandez, who made a big fan impact last season, his rookie year in New England.

Speculation mounted that Chad would need to come up with some big cash or other handsome incentive to lure the young player out of his jersey.

Some fans suggested that Chad try the name of OchoOcho, sort of like kookoo, or chichi, both names that would fit the jersey and the player, too. ...

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