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Derailed: Seven Sports Stars Who Self-Destructed

By Chris Miller On June - 7 - 2010
It's a sad thing when a person self-destructs, and can no longer control his or her behavior. It's hard to watch. Like a train heading towards a blown-out track, facing certain doom, yet with no way to stop. When it happens to our heroes, right before our very eyes, in a very public way, it becomes something even more than that. It becomes part tragedy and part reality television at the same time. I can't explain the fascination we have in watching celebrities destroy themselves. It's sick, it's twisted, but damn it, we can't look away. Here is a list of athletes who became that train heading down the track of doom. For some, it was drugs and alcohol. For others, it was gambling. In at least one instance, it was just not knowing what kind of pants to wear with your pistol. These are the athletes that make us ask, what could have been?

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