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Glen Davis apparently likes the taste of Boston’s clam chowdah after all. His latest pronouncement is that he would like to remain with the Boston Celtics. Take the hint, Davis, and clam up.

Whether he’s had a change of heart or a change of diapers we cannot yet determine.

In a new and improved interview with The Boston Herald, Davis now confesses he really wants to stay in Boston because he loves that dirty water after all.

Apparently, Davis' aspersions cast upon Coach Doc Rivers were all meant in jest and were words full of sound and fury signifying nothing.

Interviews with Davis are like cheese curds—and whey too much whey.

When Davis cast the first stone and complained that Rivers likes to talk too much and too often, little did he realize he was also describing his own oral diarrhea.

Life in the treetop cradle for Big Baby has taken on the comedy of a Look Who’s Talkin...

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