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I am not normally one to defend the establishment. As a person who frequently finds myself holding the minority opinion, I am uncomfortable praising the status quo, which is usually more than capable of patting itself on the back.

With that in mind, I humbly request that this article not be painted with the brush of propaganda or dismissed as an attempt to suck up to the bigwigs of Bleacher Report.

Anyone who is reading this has probably noticed the changes that have been made to the site. Most prominent have been the amendments to the sportswriter profile pages, which have been completely reformatted.

If you skim the new community forum, you will see that the modifications have not gone over very well. Perhaps the most visible and vocal promoter of this standpoint has been Daniel Barber, aka Hotnuke.

As with the vast majority of Bleacher Report writers, I do not actually know Mr. Barber. I had read a few of his articles, and he mine; I knew of his reputation as a frequent Article of the Day winner and one of the top wri...

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