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How Fans Are Ruining Sports

By Nick Bolyard On October - 19 - 2010

OK, first of all I do not intend to offend any fan or any sport or of any team.  

With that said, sports need fans.  That's a given.  They need the support both financially and emotionally.  From 80,000 fans cheering for the home team to the 80,000 at home that go and buy merchandise.  Sports need fans.

There is nothing like being at the stadium under the lights as your favorite team or nearest convenient college venue is driving to win the game in the fourth quarter, or seeing a walk-off home run to beat a rival, especially if it means beating the Red Sox.

Going to a sporting event really isn't about who wins, unless money is on the line...not that I condone gambling; it is more about the experience.  However, there are those certain people who can turn the thinking of "I hope he makes this shot" to "Good Lord, let the clock run out so I don't have to listen to this loudmouth anymore." 

Obviously, people are going to cheer.  Good.  They are suppose to cheer and boo.  However, when a five-year-old looks at a woman...

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