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At every baseball game I attend, I stand tall and proud with my hand over my heart as the Star Spangled Banner is played. I scold the people around me when they are too oblivious to take off their caps or when they start to cheer when “Our Country’s” song is only three-fourths of the way complete.

I realize how lucky I am that my son and daughters remain here at home while the sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, husbands and wives that make up our military are overseas to protect the country that I love.
So when I heard about i-Fungo’s new line of commemorative bats, the “iFungo Ordinance Bats“, I got that same feeling in my belly as when they unfurl the flag over the Green Monster at Fenway. Some how the synergy between baseball and my country makes me feel warm inside.
I called iFungo owner and CEO, Garrett Berger, to find out more about his exciting line of “Feel Good” bats.
“The Ordinance Bat is a professional quality wooden baseball bat that we engrave with a personal message for your loved one in the military,” explained Berger who was the former number one draft pick of the Florida Marlins in 2001 before hurting his arm.  “It’s a way to let your soldier know that you support them.”
“Imagine how they’ll feel when they open their care package from home and inside is a beautiful wooden bat engraved with their name, rank, and a personal message.”
I asked Berger how he got the idea, “I’ve been working with the American Cancer Society on a Cancer Survivor bat for about ten months. A pink bat like the pros use on Mothers Day to honor cancer survivors and fighters who lost their battle. It’s a big process to get their support. While thinking about the ACS bat, the idea of a bat that honors our military popped into my head.”
Berger, whose parents’ God son is stationed in Iraq, has taken this cause to USA Cares, a charity for military families in need, and will be donating 50% of all profits to the organization.
“Our goal is to sell 555 bats because that means we could donate $10,000 to USA Cares. I actually have been researching the number five to see if there is any significance in the military or if it is just a cool number.”

“Not only would it equate to a donation of $10,000 to USA Cares, but it means that 555 of our men and women would get this awesome symbol of love and appreciation,” added Berger.

“We take pride in the fact we don’t just offer premium baseball equipment to the
masses. Any ability we have to help out a worthy cause we jump at. USA Cares is a
very reputable charity and when we presented the idea to them they immediately fell in love with the idea.”

“Baseball is very much still America’s favorite pastime, and in my opinion it’s about time we helped our own soldiers in the process,” added Berger.

The bats, which sell for $80 + SH feature a stars and stripes logo and personalization at the end of the bat. The first line features the soldier’s name and rank followed by the second line, where the purchaser will be able to display a personal message to their soldier.

Choice of bat colors include black, navy, yellow, olive green, silver, or two-tone colors with natural finished handles.

“I know quite a few friends and family that are overseas defending our freedom and
for me this is just a small token of appreciation for their efforts.”

Berger went on to tell me that he also envisions soldiers purchasing the bats for their children.

“There is nothing better than a child of a soldier wanting to honor their father or mother by using a bat with their name on it. I hope these bats will provide them with the same courage and grit their fathers/mothers possess to help them get through an at bat or the entire season.”

Berger and iFungo is also a supporter of the children’s book, “A Glove of Their Own.” The beautifully illustrated book written by a group of baseball parents, revolves around the amazing power of ‘Paying It Forward.’ With every purchase of a glove of $100 or greater, iFungo will include the book as well as make a $3.00 donation to USA Cares.

“Baseball has stood the test of time and we only hope that this will provide the same strength to these families to get through this time.”

To order your iFungo Ordinance Bat go to www.ifungo.com.

Todd Civin is a freelance writer who writes for the Bleacher Report. He can be reached at toddcivin1@aim.com for hire or comments. He is also a supporter of “A Glove of Their Own” and encourages you to visit the site at www.agloveoftheirown.com. When purchasing the book use today’s donor code USC247 USA Cares.

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