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July 1 was a day where sports writers from the west coast to the east coast stayed by their computers and didn't budge an inch, fearing they'd miss the next big NBA free agent signing.

Those of us here at Bleacher Report did the exact same thing, though I'm sure some of us moved a little more than others.

We wanted to see what LeBron James was going to do next, where Dwayne Wade was going, and if Chris Bosh would join either of them. We didn't want to miss whatever breaking news was coming next.

But, on the eve of the day where we celebrate our country's independence, it's time to put sports aside and remember those who have died, who have fought, and who are still fighting for us to have the freedoms we enjoy.

We spend so much time looking at the next big thing in sports or the next big story, but there are times that we need to remember those that don't get a chance to just sit and relax or have that moment where they're not on edge every second.

For those of us that write for Bleacher Report that have served in the military, you know what I'm talking about, and only those select few know what it's really like.

What sticks ou...

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