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I was watching LeBron James and the Miami Heat blast the Orlando Magic last night.  James got called for a foul which he didn’t believe was a good call.  James got called for a technical foul for running away from the referee in protest.

Under the new “respect for the game” rule, players can neither be demonstrative when questioning fouls nor show excess exuberance if they make a good play.

I think this new rule stinks.  I also feel it has racial undertones to it as well.  From my vantage point, it makes no sense why an athlete cannot feed off the crowd and let everyone know how they feel.

NBA Commissioner David Stern is behind the rule.  He thinks it will clean up the game and allow for fans to see a better product on the court.

I think that is utter garbage.

Some of the greatest memories in NBA history have been filled with an emotional display, which added to the flavor of the moment.  Remember when Michael Jordan hit “The Shot” over Craig Ehlo?  Had Jordan been elevated off the ground pumping his ...

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