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Wednesday night, we witnessed one of the very few things in the period of a year that we can legitimately say made our jaws drop, eyeballs pop, and hands cover our mouths.

LeGarrette Blount made some horrific decisions that drastically changed the course of his NCAA football career (suspended for the rest of a much anticipated Oregon season) and NFL hankerings. Blount connected his knuckles with last night's jokester in the Oregon-Boise State game, Bryon Hout, after being overwhelmed with his unfathomable performance.

When the loss finally hit him square in the noggin, the stomach, the heart, Blount lashed out to a point of no return.

Eyes on fire and body shaking with rage, confusion, and disappointment, he proceeded to skip back a few steps and then do a few hand gestures basically interpreting his dignity (or what he had left of it at that point) and self-respect (though it seemed that he had none last night).

As if Blount could not have acted more delinquent, he then attempted to poke his teammate in the eye through the helmet, in hopes of getting around the restraining players and getting another sh...

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